Canadian Lingerie Football League

Yesterday morning I opened one of Vancouver’s free daily newspapers and read that the British Columbia Angels had played their inaugural game in the Canadian Lingerie Football League. Supposedly this League has already been established in the United States and they are thinking of expanding it into China.

My first thought when I heard about the league was utter disbelief. Isn’t the idea of a lingerie football league sexist, to say the least? Doesn’t it oversexualize female athletes and encourage men to objectify them? Why would any woman put herself in that position?

My second thought: how can this sport even be taken seriously? The story wasn’t even in the sports section but was instead in the local news sections, which speaks volumes to me. It’s not a secret that women’s sports don’t get the same level of respect and recognition that men’s sports do, and I don’t see how things like the lingerie league will ameliorate this situation, especially when it features female athletes competing in skimpy underwear.

I’ve read comments from some of the BC Angels answering criticisms about the league. They actually do not seem to be too bothered by this, which I found a bit surprising.

I’m not knocking the female athletes at all; I read how athletic they are and I know they are serious about this league. I just find the whole concept a little disturbing. Yes, women should be able to compete in a professional football league but they shouldn’t have to do it in their lingerie with little bodily protection. I really feel that we’re going backwards as a society in some ways, and this situation exemplifies that.




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