Stepping Stones : a Poem

A few months ago a friend shared a poem with me. It’s a poem he had written several years ago when he was experiencing some very tough times. I really liked the poem, and he gave me permission to share it, despite his misgivings about people seeing his work. I’d really appreciate it if you all could leave your comments/thoughts on the poem in the comments section:)

Stepping Stones

I keep stepping,
But the distance gets further
My legs keep moving
But my mind tricks me,
And says there’s no future.

I keep stepping
And the rock keeps sinking
Is there an end?
My mind keeps thinking.

I keep stepping
Feeling a pull,
Looking for love
Cause my heart ain’t full.

I keep stepping
My feet are too sore
I can’t take this life
I don’t want it no more.

I keep stepping
I see the light at the door
Do I keep walking?
Or do I step no more?
I kept stepping.

– by Kevin


2 thoughts on “Stepping Stones : a Poem

  1. Hi, I found your blog from Media Diversity UK and had to comment on this because I really like this poem. I don’t really know how to say why, it’s been a few years since I had to do that kind of thinking. 🙂 Myself, I’d be interested to see more of what he has written.

    1. Hi, thanks for commenting:) I’m glad you enjoyed this poem and I’ll pass on your remark to Kevin:) As far as I know he hasn’t written any other poems but I have been trying to persuade him to do so. Maybe your positive comment will help!

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