‘Acting white’ – Bounty and coconuts

Media Diversified

Black/Brown from the outside, white from the inside

byAmna G Riaz

babiesbigI often hear this term ‘acting white’ being thrown about amongst people of a black or minority ethnic background (I will use people of colour or PoC from now on). Or the term ‘bounty’ or ‘coconut’ is used to describe PoC who in their words ‘act white’. These terms are pretty self-explanatory with a little imagination or if you are a PoC and have been called one. But for those who are unaware of the word or meaning I will explain now. ‘Bounty’ is the name of the chocolate bar many of you are aware of, the chocolate representing the colours; therefore in street terms ‘Black/or Brown on the outside and white from the inside’. Same applies to the coconut. I’m being British centric here in the use of the term but of course I recognise that this…

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5 thoughts on “‘Acting white’ – Bounty and coconuts

      1. I see the buttons on your other posts, but not this one, possibly because it’s a reblog? Anyways, I don’t want to detract to the more important issues, which are covered so well in the post . . . keep up the high-quality writing (please)! 🙂

  1. Great post, although, speaking on the other side of things, when it comes to ‘acting white’, I’ve have gotten a lot of flack for almost the entirety of my life from other Indian people. For me, they were the ones being racist. Sometimes you can’t help that you like a certain type of music, or like to eat certain foods to the type your mother cooks at home or like to read classic English novels or have Standard English pronounciation. You shouldn’t be judged for things like that and I think PoC also have a lot to blame for perpetuating these roles for how people should behave and live, especially in their community…

    1. I agree with you! I’m actually in the process of writing a guest blogpost about my experiences about being labelled a coconut and yes, that term was always directed toward me by other blacks. It’s so ignorant, it really is. We are definitely perpetuating stereotypes.

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