Falling Into Place- Hattie Kauffman


    “I choose bravery and it exhilarates me.”– Hattie Kauffman, Falling Into Place

As today is International Women’s Day, I’ve decided to review a memoir I recently read by a very inspirational woman, Hattie Kauffman. I was provided a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Perhaps because I’m not American I’d never heard of Hattie Kauffman, who is the first Native American journalist to file a news report on the national network evening news but I was definitely absorbed by her story.

The story consists of  vignettes from her childhood interspersed with those from her adulthood. The child of alcoholic and often absent parents, Hattie was in part raised by her older siblings in the Seattle housing projects. While living in poverty in the Seattle projects, she frequently had no food, electricity or water (it’s almost impossible to read how her older siblings raised her without getting a lump in your throat). The book then goes on to discuss her painful divorce and her ultimate finding of God.

I loved Kauffman’s  writing style;  this is the type of book you can read in one sitting. This book is also an honest look at her spiritual awakening which came in light of a candidly-expressed divorce.To me, the structure of the book was very fitting as it served to illustrate how childhood experiences often do affect our later life. Yet, “a memoir of overcoming” is what it says on the cover of this book, and eventually the pieces do fall into place .

Kauffman writes very clearly of her pain, and one can feel her determination in getting past the pain. This is a great, hopeful book for all women to read. A very honest tale, and at the same time it shows us how we as human beings can overcome just about everything, as Hattie did.


5 thoughts on “Falling Into Place- Hattie Kauffman

  1. I enjoy reading your reviews of books! What is your profession? Are you with literary circles (an editor, a literary agent)? Best wishes to you!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m actually a teacher and a grad student. I just love reading so much:) I’ve been lucky to have had some authors contact me and send me free copies of their books for me to read. Hope all is well with you:)

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