Digital Matters: Voice, Privilege, & the Popular (Digi)lebrity

thebibliophile Weblog

@ReninaWrites recently reminded me of several pieces that I have, over the years, failed to publish. Who after all, was listening?  My blog was just a place for my fanciful musings on culture, literature, fashion, and race. After a conversation with @ReninaWrites, in which we discussed the role of popularity, marketing, and celebrating in recreating many dynamics of the “real world” in the digital landscape, I mentioned that a few years ago I’d written a piece about just that. But I let it languish; convinced, there wasn’t much I could add to the conversation that many brilliant Black girl, nerds, thinkers, philosophers, and digital afficionados were already kikiing about.

Then @ReninaWrites sent me a very simple tweet: Ok. #PressPublish.  That was more weeks than I care to admit to, however, at last, I am ready to #PressPublish on this piece that speaks largely to the constructions of celebrity that are…

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