Recurring Dream Locations

A couple of months ago I met an artist who showed me her portfolio. All her drawings and paintings were essentially of one place, her recurring dream place. She told me she dreams about this place very frequently, a couple of times a week. The place is always the same but in a different location, under various lights. She always recognizes her place which is a park.  I really enjoyed her paintings and having her describe her feelings and thoughts in each one. The idea of  discussing the significance of having a recurring dream place really intrigued me because I have them too. And what was impressive and inspiring to me is the fact that the artist has been able to turn a place in a dream (in her head) into her life work! I learned a lot from her and I was happy to introduce her to the little I know about symbology and Jungian archetypes.

I’ve been keeping a dream journal for over 15 years. What is interesting about keeping one is first of all some of the dreams are so crazy that they make you laugh or think you have the next plot for a bestselling sci-fi novel. But dreams are also your subconscious talking to you and at times you suddenly realize what the dream is trying to say. Often I have told a trusted friend about a dream of mine that has been troubling me and I am floored by the insight and revelation that my friend gives me. I don’t think dream analysis is psychobabble at all, though I do believe there are multiple interpretations.

When it comes to my recurring dream places,  I don’t dream of them as often as the artist does but still frequently enough. If I could draw, perhaps I would draw my dream places but since I can’t draw, I’ll write about them instead. Here are my dream places (I have never been to them nor have I ever seen them before)

Dream Place #1

I would describe this place as being very green and very blue. It’s a dark place but it doesn’t scare me. Rather, it intrigues me because I feel like I’m not on this planet. There is a sort of ethereal quality about it, like perhaps I’m in a place of myths and legends, it does look very Tolkienesque. The green comes not only from the thick and lush vegetation, but also from green crystal structures, perhaps emerald. The blue comes from the sapphire-blue pools and falls of water. It looks magical but there are no living creatures there, it’s deathly quiet except for the sound of the water.


Dream Place #2

This place is a very arid area that I’ve been trying to place because it sometimes looks familiar. Sometimes I think I’m in Mozambique but I don’t recall Mozambique being that dry. But this place has absolutely no trees. I do see signs of settlement though, along the main road. I am often just passing through, trying to get away from the place because I don’t feel comfortable there. The signs of settlement I see are mostly little roadside marketplaces and shops made out of sand-coloured bricks. Often I feel this feeling of apprehension and uncertainty. I’m looking for something or someplace, and the sooner I find it the better. At times I enter a shop and the man behind the counter is smiling at me but it’s a menacing smile. I know he’d harm me if he could. The shop shelves are stacked high with tins and it reminds me of a quartermaster store. I always buy a few items of food and although I don’t ever eat them I can somehow taste them and they taste like dream food. This sandy place to me lacks a soul, it’s evil but intriguing at the same time.


Dream Place #3

This is a city, probably a European or a North American city. There’s invariably a cathedral in this place and it’s HUGE, like really huge, intimidating and foreboding. I’ve never seen a cathedral that size before. I always find myself standing very close to it and looking up at its towers. I am always in awe by the architecture. When I venture off the main road I find some quaint neighbourhoods that remind me of Montreal. I just know I’ll find some street art there and I’m dying to take some pictures. Sometimes I find areas with street art and say to myself I’ll come back to take some more pictures, but I never do because in my dreams it’s very hard to get where you’re trying to go.


I don’t know enough dream analysis but if a dream is recurring, surely it’s important. Dreams carry a message, so I’m curious about what my subconscious is trying to communicate to me. And the concept of place is something that’s also been on my mind lately, primarily because of academic projects. The only thing I can think of that might be the common interpretation to all three dreams is that these are created places in my mind that I have made in an attempt to fit in or have more control over my surroundings. Perhaps my mind is trying to create the perfect world for me? The desert dream definitely wasn’t a successful creation though. And what about the symbols? What do they mean? And the colours?

I’m curious to know whether anyone reading this has and recurring dreams or dream places! Please comment underneath:)


2 thoughts on “Recurring Dream Locations

  1. Only 1 place: it always starts at a doorway in my parents’ house – the threshold between the kitchen & the dining room. I am at the dining room side facing the kitchen & there is no door. This dream is always accompanied by a sort of pressure in my jaw (that can appear before I am asleep & when it does I can’t sleep). Everything about this dream is always the same. I fall towards the threshold, but before I can hit the floor I know my feet are off the floor and I sort of fall between the molecules of the floor. I feel the jaw pressure, something is always being said, lit is always on the tip of my tongue, I know that I know what is being said, but I can’t recognise it, it is always too fast or too slow, the speed changes or maybe just my perception, because I lose awareness of size as the atoms become planets & planets become atoms, there is no difference & I am in the space between whatever they are. The voice is the sign that the dream is ending. I never know what is said. It always starts at this threshold, and falling. It is strange. Because I feel (jaw) and hear things in this dream & am very aware that it is about to happen. Odd.

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