‘Reading Others’ Guest Post 1

Thank you to S at The Post-Colonial Book Reader blog
( http://thepocobookreader.com/ ) for interviewing me about my reading habits:)


Hello all and welcome to our new guest blog series ‘Reading Others’ where we have a nose around other people’s reading habits 🙂 Kick starting the series is Rowena, the inspirational blogger behind https://lesreveriesderowena.wordpress.com/  and all round book aficionado. So sit back and enjoy as we learn a little bit more about her! 🙂

Before we begin, tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m African-born, UK- and Africa-raised, now calling Vancouver, British Columbia home. I’m currently a Second-Year graduate student. I’ve always been a curious soul and a reader and I’m constantly trying to broaden my reading horizons. I blog on topics that I’m passionate about, such as literacy, the arts, travel, race and feminism  at: https://lesreveriesderowena.wordpress.com/

As this is on thepocobookreader.com, we must ask, do you read much Post-colonial Literature? If yes who are some of your favourite books and authors within the genre?

I do…

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