About Rowena

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“I want to trespass boundaries, erase all identifications, anything which fixes one permanently into one mould, one place without hope of change.“- Anais Nin, A Spy in the House of Love

I’m a woman moulded and shaped by three continents; my life has always been about border epistemology: navigating between cultures.  My hunger for knowledge is insatiable, my dreams are big, but alas, my energy is limited. I’m a dreamer, an exhorter and  a comforter. I believe strongly in kindness, love, authenticity and in listening to the voices of marginalized people. Please expect some impassioned posts from time to time!

I’m a strong advocate of the arts, especially literature and music.  A better world would be one with more art, more people writing and creating, more people dancing. Africa will always have my heart.


54 thoughts on “About Rowena

  1. So great to see your blog Rowena, I’m looking forward to following and reading your posts, I already know how much you love to read and look forward to your insights. And hearing about those books on Sociology you mentioned! 🙂 Good luck and enjoy the ride, you’re a natural, just continue to be yourself and know we are all virtual book reading friends on here.

  2. Hello, Rowena! You are one of the fifteen bloggers I nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. The award says it all, I guess, and I believe you deserve it. Cheers! Congrats! =) — Francis

  3. Rowena,

    This is a beautiful site. I love what you have here and have just started following your twitter (Enjoy the heck out of NW, I loved it!). I see you have a great following and I was wondering if you would be interesting in posting an announcement of our services to your community. Our company is called Script E.R. and we are a collective of current WGA screenwriters. We provide a script workshop service to help writers of all formats and genres get their stories made.
    Our twitter handle is @ScriptDocs and we’ve just launched a brand new website (www.screenplay-emergency.com) that we’re hoping to promote. If this is anything you’d like to help out with, the tweet could be something as simple as this:

    Have a screenplay you could use a hand on? @ScriptDocs has current industry writers available to help! http://bit.ly/16D7Hhp

    We’d love to cross promote and help you out in anyway in return!

    Many thanks for the consideration and love the site…

  4. I am so happy it dawned on me you have this blog and I found it, oh how I wish I would have discovered it much earlier. You give me a great list of must reads for 2014. Look forward to your updates!

  5. Just discovered your blog and it’s great ! (mybe because it reminds me mind which follows the same goal, enlightening social questions through literature haha :D)

  6. …but you forgot your heart. a heart so bowl-shaped, it is able to hold a great very many stories: written, whispered, hidden, energetic; on leaves and pixels, between lips and ribs; among strangers and kin. this infj-recognized, who is regularly cosseted by your receptivity and encouragement, gently reminds you to include your heart at the very center of how you name yourself.

    for that’s what sistren like us do.

      1. I’m Anasylvia, but sadly I haven’t been on there as much as I should. Although I try to, lately I’ve become much more active on here 🙂

  7. Hiya, my names Melissa, I stumbled across your blog site through my research into Black people in Tudor england as that is my dissertation topic. I was hoping we could exchange emails and possibly discuss about your post regarding blacks in tudor england.

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